Beirut, Jan 25 (Agencies): The Shiite Hezbollah’s alleged plan to form new government in Lebanon by imposing its candidate has elicited protests in Sunni regions across the country.

A significant number of Sunni protesters came out to stage demonstrations in various regions on Monday. They burned tyres and blocked major roads to mark their protest at the likely appointment of billionaire Najib Mikati to replace Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Lebanon's most popular Sunni leader.

Terming Hezbollah as the “party if devil”, the demonstrators in the northern port city of Tripoli, Mikati's home town and Lebanon's main Sunni bastion, chanted "Sunni blood is boiling".

Former MP Mustafa Alloush, of Hariri's Western-backed Future Movement, blasted the Iranian-backed Shiite militant group for staging a "coup" and seeking to impose an Iranian form of religious government.

Under Lebanon's power-sharing system, the President must be a Maronite Christian, the speaker of parliament a Shiite Muslim and the Prime Minister a Sunni Muslim.

"Following the coup aimed at allowing Hezbollah to impose its rule in Lebanon... we call on the Lebanese to express their anger and their refusal to fall under Iranian control through peaceful protests," Alloush said.

He blasted Hezbollah for seeking to "instate 'Velayat-e Faqih'," referring to Shiite Iran's form of Islamic rule.

Tripoli MP Mohammed Kabbara also called for a "day of anger". "This aggression against the Sunni confession and the nation is unacceptable," Kabbara said.

Confirming the news, a security official said police personnel have been deployed across the country.

In central Beirut, some 200 people gathered in front of Hariri's residence to express their support.