A Spanish UN peacekeeper was killed as Israel and Hezbollah exchanged artillery fire - the most serious clashes between the bitter enemies in years - following the attack by the Shiite militant group yesterday.
"Those behind today's attack will pay the full price," Netanyahu's office quoted him as saying at a meeting with Israeli's top security brass yesterday.
The two soldiers were killed when Hezbollah fired an anti-tank missile at a military convoy in an Israeli-occupied border area, the army said.
Seven other soldiers were wounded, but none were reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries.
The UN Security Council called an emergency meeting to discuss ways to defuse tensions between the two sides, who fought a month-long war in 2006.
Israel responded to the Hezbollah shelling with "combined aerial and ground strikes" on southern Lebanon.
The United States stood by Israel after the exchange of fire and condemned Hezbollah's shelling of an Israeli military convoy, which apparently came in retaliation for a recent Israeli strike on the Golan Heights that killed senior Hezbollah members.

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