New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the Delhi government on the issue of delay in the formulation of some new rules under the Right to Education Act.

In order to implement the RTE Act completely, few news norms had to be formulated. However, two months after making the assurance in court, the Delhi government has neither passed any draft nor issued any notification for the process.

Therefore, the High Court has not just served a notice to the Delhi Government but has also summoned the Education Secretary. The next hearing of the case is scheduled for November 9.

The court has instructed the government to pass the draft and issue notification in this regard. A social jurist has filed a PIL in this context.  

Social jurist informed that a PIL had been earlier filed in this regard. During the hearing of the PIL on August 10, the Delhi Government had informed the court that soon the draft of the rules would be formulated and tabled before the Cabinet.

Thereafter, the Delhi government intended to issue the notification for the proper implementation of the Act.

However, even after two months of the assurance, notification has yet not been issued by the Delhi government. As a result, children are not able to avail the benefits of the Act.

(JPN/ Bureau)