London (Agencies): High-earning non-European professionals, including Indians, will be exempted from yearly UK immigration cap which will come into effect in April.

The government had announced that employers filling a vacancy that attracts a salary of 150,000 pounds or more will not be subject to the limit.

Home Office Minister Damian Green made apparent that the decision to exempt those earning more than 150,000 pounds a year from the annual limit was intended to make it as business-friendly as possible and to dismiss claims that Britain was not open for business.

"This shake up is part of the government's new annual limit on non-EU workers, which will take effect on April 6," the British Home Ministry stated.

The David Cameron government last year had announced a permanent immigration quota intended to slash the number of non-EU nationals allowed to work in the country to around 20,700.

Under the new system, employers required to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) from the UK Border Agency for a specific post if they wish to bring someone to the UK.

The annual limit of 20,700 COS will be divided into 12 monthly allocations. Due to the likely demand in the first month, 4,200 COS will be made accessible in April.

After that the limit will be set at 1,500 places per month. Any places that are unutlised each month will be rolled over to the following month.

In the event that the monthly allotment is over subscribed, COS applications will be ranked using a points system designed to favour jobs on the shortage occupation list, scientific researchers and those with a higher salary.

Once a COS has then been granted to an employer it must be assigned to the potential employee within three months.

Workers from outside the EU will need to have a graduate level job, speak an intermediate level of English, and meet specific salary and employment requirements.