"The results obtained are likely to be similar to what a broad survey would have revealed, and in any case, suggest that very high levels of some flavour chemicals are undoubtedly present in a great number of the thousands of products currently available," the authors noted in the study.

Artificial and other flavourings in e-cigarettes are mostly the same as those used in food and confectionery manufacture, and are therefore often represented as safe by e-cigarette manufacturers.

The flavouring chemicals totalled more than one percent by volume in 13 of the 30 liquids analysed, levels greater than two percent by weight in seven liquids, and levels greater than three percent by weight in two products.And many of the 'tobacco' flavoured fluids contained chemicals used to flavour confectionery.Six of the 24 compounds revealed in the analyses were aldehydes, compounds recognised to be primary respiratory irritants.

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