While addressing election meetings at Sherpur and Mehalkalan, a fired up Singla said, “Wherever you go people, only talk about the high-handedness of Akalis and their mafia system of operation.
“The situation is so alarming that industrialists are made to sign MoUs by persuasion and coercion and no businessman wants to risk his capital in Punjab with its lopsided taxation policies and an unfriendly administration and more so a corrupt government at its helm,” he said.
"The Akali–BJP government had failed to administer and provide basic civic amenities in towns and are now looking at the Gujarat model of development, a state which does not acknowledge the hard work done by Sikh farmers," he added.
He said no model in Punjab could work if Akalis were at the helm of affairs as what was required was an honest intention and clean governance, which was missing in the present government.
"Even the Akali MPs have failed to deliver and none of them is entitled to another term based on their track records," he said.
The "gas balloon" of the Akali–BJP alliance is going to burst soon.


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