Jalandhar: In response to an RTI application, Police Commissioner’s office provided information that about 16,577 constables of Punjab Police became victim of various diseases since 2007. The list also includes constables who are suffering from diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis.

According to the information, 40 constables were found infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and also those carrying risk of Hepatitis B and C.
In current fiscal alone, half a dozen constables have become HIV infected, 50 others are suffering from Hepatitis B or C. Police Department has spent lakhs in their treatment till now.

The information provided that various diseases caught a total 3,253 constables in 2007, of which 6 were HIV cases, 13 Hepatitis B and 23 were Hepatitis C cases.

The number of ill constables rose up to 3,347 in 2009 including 10 HIV, 39 Hepatitis B and 33 Hepatitis C patients.

The Commissioner’s office information disclosed that the number of HIV victims in Punjab Police went up to the highest in 2010 with 12 in last five years. A total 3,418 constables fell ill in this year of which 38 were of Hepatitis B and 63 were Hepatitis C patients.

Among the victims of other diseases, one was reported to be suffering from cancer.

Referring the Commissioner’s office information, advocate Harminder Singh Sandhu said that Rs 44.13 lakhs have been spent on the treatment of constables suffering from Hepatitis B and C.