Meerut: In a move to conserve the aquatic ecosystem, a high range radio transmitter will be inserted inside the crocodiles in Makhdoompur. The ultra-modern equipment will help to keep a close watch on the crocodile population and study physical traits of the aquatic reptiles.

After using the device on blue whales and sharks, the Tokyo University along with World Wildlife Federation and Forest Department inserted radio transmitter and biologue inside eight crocodiles and collected information about them.

After the rehabilitation of more than 400 crocodiles in 2009, forest department along with the wildlife organization decided to keep check on the movement of crocodiles within 50 kilometres of the area.

Forest Conservationists Iva Sharma informed that the biologue experiment has been successful but huge amount of funds is required to continue with the study. 

Meanwhile, District Forest Officer Lalit Verma said, “Mordern techniques are being used to monitor the population of the crocodiles. As many as 37 crocodiles have been trapped with the help of biologues and radio transmitters.”