Bhopal: In order to put a check on car theft in the state, the Madhya Pradesh government will soon introduce high security number plates. The numbers on these special plates cannot be easily removed or tampered.

According to the sources in the Transport Department, preparation are still going on launch these high security number plates in the state by the end of this year. From a long time efforts are being made in this direction. To prepare the tender documents, CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory India Limited, Mumbai has been appointed as the advisory body for this project.

Considering delay in the launch of these special number plates, the Madhya Pradesh government has plans to open market for 18 companies manufacturing these plates.

The State government has asked CRISIL Company to submit report at the earliest. It will become mandatory for all car owners to replace their old plates with the new security plates. If a car does not have the high security number plate, its registration will be cancelled.

Few years back, the Supreme Court ordered all state government to use high security number plates.