University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center researchers found that a sugary diet is more likely to lead to breast cancer development with inflammation of the mammary gland as the cause.
According to a study, high amounts of dietary sugar in the typical Western diet may increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs.
The study investigated the impact of sugar on mammary gland tumor development on mice.
Researchers conducted four different studies in which mice were randomised to different groups and fed one of four diets.
According to the study, at six months old, 30 percent of mice on a starch-control diet had measurable tumors, whereas 50 to 58 percent of the mice on sucrose-enriched diets had developed mammary tumors.
Researchers say that numbers of lung metastases were significantly higher in mice on the sucrose- or a fructose-enriched diet, versus mice on the starch-control diet.

Researchers said previous studies have also shown that dietary sugar intake has an impact on breast cancer development.


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