Dehradun: The high tension wires in Uttarakhand are proving to be virtual death traps for wildlife animals, especially for elephants. Over the last three and half years, eight elephants have been killed in the forest areas adjoining the Rajaji National Park due to electrocution.

The death of wildlife animals after coming in contact of high tension lines passing through forest areas near Haridwar, Landsdowne and other areas have been making the headlines in the region for quite some time.

The latest case of an elephant's death in Jiyapota village situated in Haridwar forest area has exposed the government’s rediness in handling the crisis.

A large number of high tension lines are passing through the forest areas in the Shivalik region. Due to lack of maintenance, these wires are either hanging below the permissible limit.

The Chief Wildlife Warden, Dr Sri Kant Chandola said, “A letter has been written to the Power Corporation to check all the lines especially in areas habited by elephants. The problem should be rectified so that animals can be protected.”

However, wildlife experts are of the view that special cells should be made  to maintain these lives .

“Power line can be a big problem. So a special cell should be constituted for the maintenance of lines in the forest,” said wildlife expert Dr Ritesh Joshi.