New Delhi: In tow with deluges of fans of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, high-end companies also want to witness the spectacle of his 100th ton in the upcoming India-Australia Test series.

With much hype created on Sachin’s another milestone in the history of cricket, many multi-national companies have come up with loads of advertising campaigns to cash in on spectacular moment when Sachin hits his 100th international century.

Albeit scores of companies a la Canon and Coco Cola got disappointed after Sachin failed to achieve his 100th ton during the England and West Indies series, they have pinned high hopes on India-Australia Test series.

Coco Cola launched cans with pictures of Sachin Tendulkar during his previous tours. They are working to repeat it during the Australia Test series as well.

Kamlesh Sharma, general manager of communications for Coca-Cola India, said, “The Company will re-launch the campaign, if Sachin scores the megaton on the Australia tour, 10 different cans with pictures of his memorable ten centuries will launched. It will be for the first time that Coco Cola will honour an Indian celeb in such a unique way.”

We will launch 65 lakh cans across India, of which 8 lakh would be dedicated for Sachin’s record breaking 100th century, he said.

Ram Gudipati of Brand Harvest Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. said, “Companies should focus on their products and projects rather than flooding the market with goods, which should be in sync with grandeur of the record-breaking century.”

According to market analysts, such campaigns could be dangerous as the market is oversaturated and witnessing a great deal of competition.

Ashutosh Sinha, senior vice president of market research firm IMRB International said, “As the cricket has witnessed a decline in spectators owing to overdosing of the games, likewise the excess of advertising and product launch campaigns featuring Tendulkar could affect the business.”