Scoring an unbeaten thousand runs is nothing short of a miracle. Let us have a look at  such young magicians who made their mark in highly competitive cricket world:

With 1009 runs, Pranav has broken all the previous records of highest individual totals. His innings lasted for 396 minutes in which he played 327 balls, hit 129 fours and 59 sixes.  

It's amusing that the person whose record Pranav has broken would have been 131 years old, if he was alive. This person was AEJ Collins who was an English cricketer and soldier. Collins scored 628 runs against North Town way back in the year 1899 when he was only 13 years old. He remained on the crease for almost seven hours and made a record which remained unbeaten for 117 years.

Just two years after Collins achieved the feat, CJ Eady of Australia hit 566 runs in 1901 against Wellington. Eady was playing for Break-o-day and his innings comprised of 68 fours, 16 threes, 38 twos and 105 singles.

Fourth in this prestigious list stands Prithvi Shaw of India, who also belongs to Mumbai. In the year 2013, Prithvi scored 546 runs to become the highest scoring Indian ever. He was playing for his school, Rizvi Springfield against St Francis, Mumbai. He played for six hours and seven minutes and hit 85 fours and five sixes before getting caught and bowled.

Standing fifth in the top five list is another Indian, DR Havewalla who contributed 515 runs to his team's total of 721 runs.

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