12.35 am: Singer Sia is now performing on stage to close the show.

12.35 am: The new AirPods will cost $159.

12.35 am: The new iPhones will be available in UK from September 16.

12.25 am: Price for the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $749. It's also available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB internal storage options

12.25 am: iPhone 7 price starts at $649. Available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB internal storage options

12.15 am: The new A10 processor helps the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus deliver 'the longest battery life in an iPhone'

12.10 am: Apple is going ahead with the plan to have wireless headphones Called AirPods.

12.10 am: The trailer says Apple believe in a “wireless future”.

12.10 am: Apple say the AirPods have a “breakthrough design” and They also connect to the Apple Watch. AirPods has 5 hour battery.

12.00 am: The iPhone 7 comes with stereo speakers - one each at the top and bottom edge of the display.

12.00 am: The new iPhone will come with lightning port speakers. An adaptor will be available for headphones.

11.55 pm: iPhone 7 Plus will have two cameras. This will have a superior zoom feature than the standard iPhone 7.

11.45 pm: iPhone 7 has a 7MP FaceTime HD camera and a 12-MP rear camera with OIS.

11.45 pm: Two 12MP cameras built-in on iPhone 7 Plus. One is wide-angle and the other is a 56mm telephoto.

11.45 pm: The iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera setup at the back. Both are 12 MP modules, with one being wide-angle and other telephoto.

11.45 pm: You can see a real-time deep-depth preview with the iPhone 7 Plus.

11.35 pm: iPhone 7 has just one camera but it has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

11.35 pm: The iPhone 7 has an entirely new 12-megapixel camera with OIS, and f/1.8 aperture, six-element lens.

11.35 pm: It has a quad-tone flash, a flicker sensor and compensates for flickering artificial light.

11.35 pm: iPhone 7 will be water and dust resistant and has iP67 protection.

11.35 pm: There are new feedbacks for notifications, messages, ringtones.

11.35 pm: The home button is now force sensitive and has new-generation taptic engine.

11.32 pm: iPhone 7 revealed: Tim Cook says it's the “best iPhone that we have ever created”.

11.32 pm: Colours that you can chose from for the new iPhone. Jet black, Black, Gold, Silver, Rose gold.

11.25 pm: IOS 10 features revealed: Siri capability is coming to separate apps in iOS 10.

11.25 pm: Maps have been redesigned, and can be used to book reservations at restaurants.

11.25 pm: Home app, which will be used to manage devices

11.22 pm: Apple Watch Series 2 and Nike+ will start at $369.

11.22 pm: Older Apple Watch gets the new Series 2 processor. It's now called Apple Watch Series 1. Priced at $269.

11.15 pm: Apple Watch Series 2 comes in a wide variety of styles, straps and case materials.

11.15 pm: Apple Watch Nike+ edition announced. Designed for runners.

11.10 pm: Apple Watch's main focus is exercise, and is called the Apple Watch Series 2.

11.10 pm: The watch is “swimproof”, and will eject water through the speaker.

11.05 pm: Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch.

11.05 pm: The Apple Watch version will work with your iPhone’s game app.

11.05 pm: New watch is swim-proof.

11.00 pm: A new app, named Breathe reveled. It literally reminds you to breathe.

11.00 pm: Tim Cook says Apple Watch has transformed people’s lives and it is the top-selling smart watch.

11.00 pm: Tim Cook is back on the stage. And it's time for the launch of Apple Watch.

10.55 pm: Tim Cook is now talking about Apple’s commitment to education.

10.55pm: Cook is talking through a new programme called Everyone Can Code, which will teach school children how to code.

10.47 pm: Nintendo are now on stage announcing the new game called Super Mario Run.

10.47 pm: The game is being demonstrated on stage, and the crowd are loving it.

10.44 pm: App Store downloads have hit 140 billion, Says Cook

10.44 pm: iPad and iPhone have become the most popular gaming devices in the world, Says Cook

10.36 pm: We’ve got some great things to show you this morning: Cook

10.36 pm: The first announcement is regarding Apple Music and he says that it now has 17 million users.

10.35 pm: Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the stage now

10.25 pm: Just 20 Minutes before the main launch event, Amazon makes accessories page for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus live.

10.10 pm: Apple CEO Tim Cook is ready for the launch event, he tweets photo of the venue, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.