02:50 pm: Overwhelmed, honoured and humbled. Will never forget this day: PM Modi

02:45 pm: PM Modi concludes his speech with "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" at Community Reception at Allphones Arena

02:36 pm: I have started a website called mygov.in. Please post your suggestions and your complaints on it: PM Modi

02:35 pm: Can anyone even imagine this? Today is a working day and such huge crowds in the arena: PM Modi

02:34 pm: Working on visa on arrival for tourists from Australia soon: PM Modi

02:33 pm: You remember there was a time of police verification for you when you came to India. It was very odd. Over now: PM Modi

02:32 pm: I have started a website called mygov.in. Please post your suggestions and your complaints on it: PM Modi

02:31 pm: PM announces opening of Indian Cultural Centre in Sydney by February 2015

02:30 pm: This time Pravasi Bharatiya Divas will be held in Ahmedabad: PM Modi

02:29 pm: India needs good governance and skilled people. Your dream is my dream: PM Modi

02:28 pm: Aapki bhi shikayaat hogi na,embassy jaatey hain toh koi poochta nahii, chhodo yaar Modi aya hai kuch nai hua: PM Modi

02:27 pm: Behind this, love lies expectations. We want to create the India you are dreaming of: PM Modi

02:26 pm: There is also this debate about OCI and PIO, about special treatments. I have decided to merge both: PM Modi

02:25 pm: When I made promises to PIOs/NRIs, they did not believe me because promises had been made before, but we got working on it: PM

02:24 pm:Pravasi Bharatiya Divas will be held on the same day that Mahatma Gandhi returned to India: PM Modi

02:23 pm: I enjoy finishing laws, we need to let people live peacefully: PM Modi

02:22 pm: They were happy to make laws. I am happier to remove laws. Let's open the windows let fresh air come in: PM Modi

02:21 pm: pehlii ki sarkaaron ko kanoon bananey mey mazaa ataa tha, mujhe kanoon hataane mey mazaa ata hai: PM Modi

02: 20 pm: Yes, We want to create the India you are dreaming of: PM Modi

02:19 pm: It may take 5 years or 10 years, but skill development should be a constant concern. Youth needs to be developed: PM Modi

02:18 pm: ab dunia bahubal say nahii,  buddhibal say chalnii vaali hai: PM Modi

02:18 pm: We are blessed, world's requirement for workforce can be met by Indians. But skill development is important: PM Modi

02:15 pm: Whenever someone wants to invest in a country, the investors need to be given high quality of life: PM Modi

02:14 pm: That is what "Make In India" aims to do: PM Modi

02:13 pm: Gujarat wanted Japanese investment but were told if you don't have golf, Japanese won't come. So created golf course: PM on investment environmnt.

02:12 pm: With a lot of courage we opted for 100% FDI in railways in India. Have such a huge market & window for improvement: PM

02:11 pm: We have started Make in India programme, everything or job creation for our youth who can contribute to the world: PM

02:10 pm: Illness is a big burden on the poor. There is no greater service to the poor than focussing on cleanliness: PM

02:09 pm:
2019 is Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary. He gave us freedom, we should give him a clean India: PM Modi

02:08 pm: Dignity of labor should be learnt from Australia. Want to propagate the idea that cleaning is not below dignity: PM

02:06 pm: We call the man who picks up our garbage as kachrewala, he is safaiwala. We have to change mindset. PM

02:05 pm: PM invites people of Indian origin in Australia to help build toilets in India.

02:03 pm: I have always admired the concept of dignity of labour in Australia. A research scientist can also drive a cab: PM

02:00 pm: If we take up the challenge then the bad image of India can also be cleaned up: PM

1:59 pm: I invite you all to contribute to the movement in any way you can: PM Modi

1:58 pm: People responded to 'Jan Dhan Yogna', deposited money to be part of the movement: PM (Audience chants 'This is Modi magic!')

1:57 pm: 71 million bank accounts have already opened in last 10 weeks: PM

1:56 pm: Spoke to Reserve Bank about "Jan Dhan Yogna", who said it will take 3 years. I said I want this done in 150 days:  PM Modi

1:56 pm: I want the poorest of the poor to be part of India's growth: PM Modi

1:54 pm: I want to work for the small people, to make the small people big, my goal is to help the poor grow: PM Modi

1:51 pm: Elections were going on in India but I know that there was not a moment in those elections that you weren't connected to: PM

1:50 pm: The power of democracy brought me here: PM Modi

1:48 pm: We can emerge as a powerful nation: PM

1:45 pm: An Indian person represented Australia in 1964 Olympic games in Tokyo, that's not a small thing: PM

1:43 pm: I see no reason why our nation will not develop, it is fated that we will move forward: PM Modi

1:42 pm: India is a young democratic country which has 250 crore arms, 200 crore arms are below 35 years of age. It's the youth who hold capacity to fulfill dreams.

1:40 pm: Swami Vivekananda's teachings will always be cherished.

1:40 pm: Had it not been for a democracy would I be here? Let's understand this strength of our democracy: PM

1:39 pm: Sydney is a beautiful city. Australia is a beautiful country. We are also bound by bond of cricket: PM

1:38 pm: I am fortunate that I am the first PM of India who was born in Independent India, hence feel greater responsibility: PM Modi

1:38 pm: These incredible scenes and this massive reception in Sydney will galvanize India.  It takes one day to come to Australia, but it took 28 years for an Indian PM to come here:  PM Modi

1:37 pm: We were not so lucky to dedicate ourselves for our motherland. We should be thankfull to all those who did it for us and made us Independent. We should live for our country.


1:30 pm: Swami Vivekananda dedicated his life for humanity: PM Modi.

1:29 pm:We remember the words of Swami Vivekananda: PM Modi

1:28 pm: I dedicate this respect to India, Thank you for a grand welcome.

1:27 pm: Crowd chants 'Modi is a Rockstar'.

1:15 pm: PM Narendra Modi on dias.

1:06 pm: The Austrlian leaders gear up at Allphones Arena.

1:05 pm: PM Modi meets former umpire Simon Taufel and former fast bowler Brett Lee at the Allphones Arena.

1:00 pm: "Namaste, kem cho?", says former Australian cricketer Brett Lee at the Allphones Arena.

1:00 PM: Former Australia cricketer Brett Lee addresses the crowd at Allphones Arena.

12:20 pm: What I sense is that you bring great hope; the relationship is on the cusp of something big - Premier Baird of NSW to PM Modi.

12:19 pm: New South Wales Premier Mike Baird receives PM Narendra Modi at Allphones Arena at Olympic Park in Sydeny.

ALSO READ: Modi gets flavour of cricket ahead of Melbourne Cricket Ground visit

12:18 pm: PM Narendra Modi arrives at Allphones Arena.

11: 50 am: Former Australia cricketer Brett Lee confirms his presence at Olympic park.

11: 30 am: Sydney : Classical Indian singers performing in the Allphones Arena,ahead of PM Modi's arrival

10:30 am: People start to gather outside Allphones Arena ahead of PM Modi's arrival.

9:45 am: Narendra Modi appreciates the welcome accorded to, says "Amazing welcome in Sydney. Glad to be here."

8:40 am: PM Modi was accorded traditional welcome in Sydney. Australian artists perform a traditional Aboriginal dance to welcome Narendra Modi.

READ: PM receives traditional aboriginal welcome in Sydney

8:00 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Sydney. Around 20,000 members of the Indian diaspora are expected to be present at a community reception and several thousands will be watching the PM's address on a giant screen from outside the arena.

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