Here are the takeaways from what Google CEO has proposed:

1. Wi-Fi for 100 railway stations: Technology giant Google will bring internet connectivity to 100 railway stations across the country by next year. The telecom wing of the Indian Railway, RailTel, had signed an agreement with the subsidiary of Google India to provide Wi-Fi facilities at 400 stations across the country.

2. Hiring from Bangalore and Hyderabad: Google is looking at hiring people for Bangalore and Hyderabad. They will also build huge new campus in Hyderabad to build capabilities.

3. Google to train 2 million developers in India:
The company is partnering with the National Skill Development Council to train 2 million developers in India.

4. Internet for all: Stressing on importance of internet connectivity, Pichai said that it is critical to spread the reach of internet across the country. And in this, 'mobile internet can be a game changer'. "Our focus is on bringing internet access to everyone, making sure our products are working for them in a meaningful way and then ensure our platform allows them to add their voice to the internet," Google CEO said.

5. Bicycle for women programme:
Google's rural internet programme will move from pilot to full scale programme in 300,000 villages in India. The company will help women from 3 lakh villages across India to get online in three years​

6. Android users in India to surpass those in US by 2016: US-based Google is bullish on the Indian market, which it called among its most important.