Lucknow: Owing to the poor information technology facilities, tracing the terror activities has become a herculean task for Uttar Pradesh (UP) police. As a result, security agencies have been unable to unveil the recent cases of terrorist activities in the state.

Inter State Intelligence (ISI) agent Furkan Ansari who was arrested two days back at Roorkee has added to the miseries of state police. During interrogation, Ansari had claimed that 16 modules of ISI are active in Lucknow.

A retired top police officer said that in the high-tech era UP police sans the machinery required to keep a tab on terrorist activities. It can be gauged by the fact that even though the terrorists are equipped with high-tech technology, whereas notification is yet to be issued for the cyber police stations in UP.

Police also suffer from the lack of forensic tools and trained staffs for monitoring the suspects. Ghaziabad and Varanasi has one technical lab each while Lucknow has two for the monitoring and research.

Earlier, Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) had arrested Vasim alias Khabbu of Nepal who gave important clues related to terrorist activities to the police on January 3, 2011.     Accused of Delhi Blast in 2008, Asad too had provided some important information to ATS.