Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday "strongly condemned" the attack by the Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) against Yemeni military forces that brutally killed dozens of soldiers and wounded scores more.
"We extend our deepest condolences to the friends and loved ones of the victims of this heinous attack, which illustrates AQAP's complete disregard for human life," Clinton said in a statement.
The US will continue to support the Yemeni President and its people as they work to realize their aspirations for a brighter and more prosperous future, she said.
The US will continue to provide security and counter- terrorism support to counter the immediate threats of violent extremism, as well as to deliver humanitarian, economic, and technical support, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters.
"Yemen has set itself on a two-year democratic transition course, so it's very important that we do what we can to support Yemen in maintaining security and stability during this period," she said.
"Our view is that the Yemeni people, with their overwhelmingly positive vote in the presidential election have endorsed the democratic transition process set forward by agreement between the government and the opposition, and that's a very positive sign.
"So the Yemeni people have said that they want change, they want democracy, they want unity, they want a voice for all Yemenis in the central government," she said.
"So that is the process that they have spoken in favour of, and it's not surprising that people who don't favour a democratic transition may be trying to derail it.
"But we will continue to support Yemeni central authorities in supporting the will of the people, which is overwhelmingly to keep the country together and overwhelmingly to have this two year transition process to a new constitution and full democratic elections that they have endorsed," Nuland said.