Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the new Defence Strategic Review document that calls for a small and lean American Army and a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region along with better ties with India will enhance country's leadership in a new world order.

"This new guidance is a critical element in our integrated approach to strengthening American leadership in a changing world. It enhances the capabilities and relationships we need to lead and meet our responsibilities for years to come," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

She said it promotes US' strategic priorities, including sustaining a global presence while strengthening its focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

The strategic priorities highlighted by her included "deterring our adversaries and fulfilling our security commitments; investing in critical alliances and partnerships, including NATO; combating violent extremists and defending human dignity around the world and preserving our ability to respond quickly to emerging threats".

Her remarks came hours after President Barack Obama unveiled the document at the Pentagon.

Clinton said moving forward with this strategy, US will continue to consult its allies and partners to address their shared concerns, to seize new opportunities, and bolster global stability.

The "21st Century Defense Priorities" unveils a new strategic guidance that reflects America's 21st century defense needs and secures its leadership for the future, she said, adding that the Defence and State Departments will continue to work side-by-side to bring the full range of American assets to bear on our foreign policy.

"As the new strategy notes, meeting our challenges cannot be the work of our military alone. Diplomacy and development are equal partners with defense in our smart power approach to promoting American interests and values abroad, building up our economic prosperity, and protecting our national security," Clinton said.