In Iowa, which would kick off the primary Presidential race some two weeks from now, Clinton and her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders are tied at 45 percent each, as per a CNN/ORG poll.

This is not considered good news for the former Secretary of State given her early start to the campaign, a well-oiled campaign machinery and her national recognition. Nationally Clinton at 54 per cent leads Sanders at 36 percent by 18 percent.

In a previous poll about a month ago, Clinton (56 percent) had an advantage of a 25 percent over Sanders (31 percent), it said.

A similar story repeats for the Republican party ahead of the Iowa Caucus where Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas (27 percent) is in a dead heat with Trump (25 per cent).

Only two other candidates -- Marco Rubio at 14 percent and Ben Carson at 10 percent get more than 10 percent of the votes, while rest of the other candidate are less than five percent.

However, Trump at 34 percent leads Cruz at 20 percent by 14 percent nationally.

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