Beijing: Refuting severe criticism made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on it’s human rights record, China has said that comparing the situation of Middle East to that of China is totally inappropriate. 

Jiang Yu, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry termed Clinton's criticism inappropriate and said it is wrong to compare China to countries that have faced recent unrest.

Clinton, in an interview with a magazine, which focused largely on recent turmoil in the Arab world, denounced China's clampdown on dissent, saying Beijing was trying to stop the course of history.

“They cannot do it. But they're going to hold it off as long as possible,” she said.

She used the term “disappeared” to refer to the arrest of some Chinese lawyers and artists.

Jiang said, “Mentioning China in the same breath as other countries in West Asia and North Africa where volatility and turmoil have occurred recently is inappropriate. Anyone who attempts to bring the Middle East turbulence into China and to change the development road that the Chinese people have chosen for themselves is on a fool's errand.”

Zhou Qi, a senior researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) told state-run Global Times that Clinton’s remarks were “irresponsible” and “childish.”