US secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s visit to India is being termed crucial as Hillary other than huddling with national leadership also met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Discussion over the Teesta water treaty between India and Bangladesh with Mamata Banerjee was a welcome move as she chose to discuss this sensitive issue in India rather than Bangladesh. Hillary Clinton very well realizes that the issue of Teesta water treaty could be resolved only if Mamata Banerjee desires so. Despite all this, the US secretary of state should have discussed this matter with the Centre rather than the West Bengal Chief Minister. Just ahead of her visit to India, Hillary had clarified that India should maintain a distance with Iran pointing towards US’ agenda. The rickety state of India’s foreign policy has helped the US in its agenda. The US is not only trying to limit India-Iran ties but also hopes that India stops purchasing oil from Iran. For a very long time the US has been trying to appease India in this direction despite knowing that it will adversely affect India’s oil imports. India shouldn’t hesitate in putting forward its energy woes before the US. If relation with Iran is strained, what alternative does India have? The US must answer.

It is baffling that Hillary Clinton on one hand projects India as a natural ally of the US, on the other shies away from the problems confronting India. Once again it has been proved that the US in the garb of friendship is trying to meet its selfish needs. India should show concerns over this attitude. Undoubtedly Iran’s nuclear programme is a matter of concern for the world but it is hard to understand that questions are raised over the extremist attitude of Iran but a tight lipped attitude is adopted when it comes to the issue of Saudi Arabia. This attitude is not only confined to Iran but the US has failed to put pressure on Pakistan as required by India. The US is ready to take on those who are a threat to them but refuses to act against those terror outfits in Pakistan whose only agenda is to wage war against India.