Presenting his 18th budget spread over his record six Chief Ministerial tenures in the state, Virbhadra Singh tried to woo industrial houses.

He announced that new industries would be charged entry tax at the rate of one percent on industrial inputs instead of the existing two percent.

The chief minister, in his over three-hour-long speech also announced that electricity duty for specified extra high-tension category consumers would be reduced from the existing 15 percent to 13 percent.

For the existing small industries, it will reduce from seven percent to five percent and any new small industries will pay only one percent electricity duty for five years.

In horticulture, 1,000 hectares of additional area will be brought under revamped apple rejuvenation project.

According to budget estimates, the total revenue receipts are estimated at Rs.23,535 crore and the total revenue expenditure is estimated to be Rs.23,488 crore with a revenue surplus of Rs.47 crore.

BJP, the opposition party described the budget directionless."It's totally directionless. Sixty percent funds in the budget are grants from the central government," Leader of Opposition  Prem Kumar Dhumal argued.

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