Shimla: Power-surplus Himachal may own up its water, but power continues to remain a stranger to it. Even though various hydel power projects have dried up the rivers of the state, Himachal-known as the power state of the country is still reeling under acute power crisis.

Thanks to the power being generated in Himachal but supplied to other states that it is plagued by frequent power cuts. Over 25 per cent of power generated in the state is being supplied to Punjab and Haryana.

According to reports, private sector projects in Himachal generate approximately 6500 mega watt (MW) of electricity everyday out of which 260 MW is being sold to neighbouring states. Moreover, Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board has generating capacity of only 480 MW.

Despite adequate power generation, frequent power cut even during the summers is a common practice in the state. Notably, with the onset of summer the state imposes power cuts. Himachal is forced to impose power cuts because electricity is bought from neighbouring states. The main reason behind it is the reduced flow of water in rivers during winters.

Electricity demands increases in winters whereas the supply decreases because of low generations which forces the power department to go in for power cuts because of less power availability.
The industrial sector of the state is also plagued by power cuts from May to September.

Furthermore, the administration has no way out to deal with the issue of power cuts.
Despite being a power generating state, sudden power cuts and power failure in the industrial units is raising questions on its power policy.

Subhash Chand Negi, head of Electricity Regulatory Commission, said, “It is mandatory to intimate the consumers about power cuts failing which action would be taken against the private power generating companies under Electricity Act-2003.”

Demand exceeds supply

Against the power demand of 235 lakh unit (LU) daily, only 220 LU of electricity is being made available. According to sources, 15 LU is being supplied to the neighbouring states.