Srinagar: The aquatic species found in the Himalayan rivers are on the verge of extinction. Once seen in bulk quantity, the Himalayan Mahseer, Himalayan Trout, Catfish are now a rare phenomenon. The Uttarakhand rivers which were once the favourite breeding habitats of Sea Gulls and water snakes are now devoid of aquatic animals. 

A recent research by the Garhwal University has revealed the unhealthy trend of the vanishing aquatic animals.

Sea seal found in rivers like Alaknanda, Mandakini, Bhagirathi and Nayar are on the verge of extinction. The tender mammal, which was easily spotted between Bagwan and Srinagar around 6-7 years back is no longer visible.

The specialists regard the unchecked human interference in the natural fauna and flora that has disturbed the balance of the eco-system as the main reason behind the fast reducing number of aquatic animals.

According to the experts, the rampant exploitation of nature and water bodies by human beings has led to the extinction of the endangered aquatic animals.

The debris from the widening of roads is dumped on the river beds, harming the breeding grounds of the aquatics. Uncontrollable illegal fishing and water pollution are also major reasons behind the vanishing species. Dams have also restricted the free movement of the fishes leading to their decreasing population in the Himalayan Rivers.