If anything, he appears very confident about his film. One reason behind his confidence is the fact that he has already sold the satellite rights of this film. The film’s rights have been sold for Rs 8.5 crore, but with certain conditions in place.

Says a trade insider, “Himesh has been told that if his film does a business of Rs 15 crore or more, his film will fetch a satellite price higher than Rs 8.5 crore. In fact, he was offered Rs 10 crore initially without the incentive clause, but Himesh is sure of his product. He believes that the film will do very well and hence, he has decided to go ahead with the incentive clause.”

Whether this move will pay higher dividends or not is something that only time will tell. Either way, the film has already recovered its total cost of Rs 15 crore; this includes the production cost of Rs 9 crore as well as costs for publicity and advertising that amount to Rs 6 crore.

The film has recovered its costs through sale of satellite rights, music rights, overseas video rights and other royalties. “With this arrangement, all the revenue earned from theatrical releases in India will add to the film’s profit. The film’s music is anyway a hit and it has helped Himesh in recovering the entire cost,” says the source.

'The Xposé' releases in theatres on May 16.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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