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Hindi channel Star news to be renamed ABP News

Publish Date: 16 Apr 2012, 11:22 PM
Last Updated: 16 Apr 2012, 11:22 PM
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Star news to be renamed ABP News
Star news to be renamed ABP News

New Delhi: Hindi news channel Star News will soon be renamed ABP News while Bengali news channel STAR Ananda would be called ABP Ananda and Marathi news channel STAR Majha will be named ABP Majha, a statement released by Media Content and Communications Private Limited(MCCS) said on Monday.
The three 24-hour news channels are owned by the Media Content and Communications Private Limited (MCCS) which is a joint venture between the Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) Group and Star India Private Limited.
The statement said that Star India Private Limited and ABP, the principle shareholders, have agreed to discontinue the Star brand affiliation with the MCCS as Star wished to focus on building its brand on its core business that is general entertainment.
The core business of ABP is news and it wishes to promote and establish its own brands in the broadcast news space through its subsidiary company, the MCCS, statement said.
MCCS has sustained its affiliation with Star brand for 8 years and both have benefited from this association, the statement released by the company said.
The statement said the channels would continue to maintain high standards of news quality, with same integrity, transparency and speed.

Later in the day, Ashok Venkatramani, Chief Executive Officer of MCCS said in a statement, "Star and ABP have decided to discontinue the brand agreement where Star has lent the brand to MCCS. Right now Star continues to be a shareholder in MCCS."


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  • Rajesh Parashar14 Jul 2013, 00:00 AM

    well, these are just common at Bihar's educational organization. My younger brother studies Biotech in "TNB College, Bhagalpur" under "Bhagalpur University" where whole management works to grab extra black bucks from the students!!! (own students!!!). After one years of exams the results are published to make money from the students those want to be in the lists of pass candidates!! Every clerk & university employee's eyes hunt for making money from harassed students!!! My bro never missed a single class and I believe he is a good student and known by every lecturers & professors as well; he was shocked when he came to know that he was declared as fail in the extra subject in the 3rd time declared list (surprisingly 2 times he was pass)!! And a guy living in a village, who had never stepped in the class even for a single day in whole year has got the top position in the list!!! Because, he offered 12,000 INR to some key person of the management. It is expected that even a low level clerk makes approx 3,00,000 INR per month easily!!! So, this is the reality of the state for which our hon'ble CM asks for special status!!! May God help the poor students dreaming for a bright future for Bihar's education system!!