New Delhi: The growing popularity of Hindi in the entire world is compelling more and more people to learn this language as much as possible. As a result, it is emerging as a means to understand Indian society, language as well as the culture.

It may be another fact that today English is preferred over other languages in the country but Hindi is also gaining popularity with each passing day. It makes it clear that how Hindi is widely spoken today.

Since the richness of any language is the cornerstone of all round development of the country, we should take a pledge on September 14 on the occasion of Hindi Divas to make this language more and more widely spoken.

India emerging as big market of Hindi

A number of countries are today finding ample avenues of employment as well as doing business in India which is emerging as a big economic power.
Growing popularity of Hindi also brings home the fact that good days of Hindi are returning.

Also due to intense market pressure, Hindi is toady being preferred as a language that would provide information on business, sports as well as on science.

Growing number of websites in Hindi are ample evidence of the bright future of the language. It is becoming popular as the language is being adopted in technical books also.

Prominent foreign scholars of Hindi

Professor Odolin Seemichel

Prominent works

Mere Preet, Tere geet (1982), Swati Boond(1983), Swati Boond, Namo-Namo Bharat Mata(1983), Tere Dig Digantar Abhiram (1984).

Kim Yang Sheek : South Korea

Victoria Cellena: Russian Hindi scholar

Her book ‘ Abhimanyu Anantah is being taught in a number of universities.

Veed Haan: Beijing university professor translated the Ramcharit Manas of Tulsi Das into Chinese.

Hindi in our films

Films have played an important role in promoting Hindi all over the world.

Increasing craze for Indian languages in Russia , Europe, and in Caribbean and in neighbouring countries is helping  to increase the number of people who are interested in learning Indian language.

We should strive to make our own language rich

In a number of Carribean including Arab nations, Hindi has been recognized as a minority language.

Moreover, it is being taught in 115 institutions world over.

Today Hindi is being taught in 32 American as well as in 15 educational institutions in Germany. It is taught in London Cambridge as well as in York Universities in United Kingdom.

Moreover, it is being taught as a prominent subject in four universities of Holland today.

Dutch scholar Kettlar wrote first grammar in Hindi in 1968

In China, Hindi was adopted as a teaching subject in 1942 while translation of Hindi books into Chinese started in 1957.
Hindi books and epics are generally translated into Russian.



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