The team of the show, including leading faces Helly Shah and Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar who play Swara Bose and Ragini Gadodia respectively, launched the new entertainer here.

'Swaragini' tells the story of how Swara and Ragini discover their true identities and hold onto their family ties amid fractured relationships, which are the result of a certain past.

Talking about playing the character, Helly said,"Swara is very similar to what I am in real life. The only difference is I am Gujarati and she is Bengali.

Swara as Bengali is a non-vegetarian eating person, but in real life I am a vegetarian."The promos of the show depict the Bengali family cooking fish.

For Helly, shooting with the fish was quite an experience."I never thought I will hold fish in my hand, but I did. It was very scary and was like a nightmare, but I did it for one of the opening sequences," Helly said.

On the other hand, Tejaswi's character Ragini is a simple, down to earth and obedient girl. She belongs to a Marwari family and believes in listening to whatever her elders tell her to do.

Tejaswi too had her share of secrets to reveal."There is lot of similarity and dissimilarity. Since I play a Marwari, so I can't eat non-vegetarian, but I am hardcore non-vegetarian in real life. Also, I was supposed to be a classically trained singer, so I am” she said.


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