As part of the observances on the day of mourning, Hindu men walked through a fire pit while women put burning charcoal pieces on their heads in front of the mosque at the village.
Muslim women would smear ash on the foreheads of the Hindu community members after they had walked through the fire pit.

Muslims believe that this ceremony protects them from various diseases, said Khaleeja, a local woman.
80-year old Karmegam, a resident of the village, said Hindus and Muslims there used to observe all their respective festivals and rituals together.
Before starting paddy transplantation, they would make a ritual offering of the sapling at the mosque, Karmegam said, adding that, after the harvest, too, the villagers offered a small quantity of the paddy there.
Noorjahan, now in her 70s, said the two communities want to celebrate their festivals together and had been doing so since the time she was young.

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