New Delhi: After the Mumbai blast on July 13, Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy has said that the repeated terror attacks have exposed chinks in the national security cover and emphasized the need of unity in society for tackling such a perpetual problem.

In his controversial write-up for an English daily, Swamy referred the condition of Pakistan and Afghanistan hinting that the influence of Jihadi terrorism would be on the rise. According to Swamy, Taliban would take over Pakistan by 2012. Al-Qaeda would be shifting its focus from America to India.

Swamy  said, Jihadi group are annoyed with India as there could not be complete Islamization of the country while in other countries numbers of followers of Islam swelled to the hilt within twenty years of arrival of the religion.

Swamy  is also of the view that lackluster approach of Hindus to tackle terror is a potent reason of thriving Jihadi groups, and it can, he added, be dealt with only through the unity of Hindus.

Swamy said that at the time of Khumb Mela (an Hindu festival), thousands of Hindu assemble together, but when the Hindus are subject to torture in Kashmir, Mau and Mullapuram, none of them try to put up a brave face.

Making a political point in his article, he said, "If the entire Hindus of the nation stand together and even 50 percent of them vote for a Hindu driven party, the country would be certainly ruled only by the Hindus."

Referring to the insensitiveness of the Hindu community, Swamy said, “The Hindu doesn’t stand together until they themselves face problem.”

Swamy’s write-up reads: “In order to fight with the Jihadi terrorists, Hindu community should stand robust. We should not surrender to any of the demands of the terrorists; we should not release terrorists at any cost; there should be a strong message for every attack. For instance, when there was a terror attack at Ayodhya temple, we should have retaliated by constructing a new temple at that place."

(JPN/ Bureau)