Hiroshima: Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui is set to urge the government to review its energy policy following the Fukushima nuclear crisis in his peace declaration to be read at a ceremony on Saturday, according to the gist of the speech he released on Tuesday.
The move follows an announcement by Tomihisa Taue, the Mayor of Nagasaki City, who has said he will urge the government to promote renewable energy sources in a policy shift in his peace declaration during an Aug 9 ceremony.
According to the Hiroshima municipal government, it is the first time that the peace declaration, which has mainly focused on the elimination of nuclear weapons, has referred to the issue of nuclear power generation since referring to the Chernobyl accident in 1986.
The speech will be read out at the event Saturday marking the 66th anniversary of the 1945 US atomic bombing of the southwestern Japan city at the end of World War II.
Nagasaki's ceremony commemorates its atomic bombing by the United States three days later.
In the declaration, Matsui will cite citizens' movements calling for withdrawal from nuclear power generation in the wake of the Fukushima crisis and urge the government to review its energy policy "so as to earn public support and trust." He will stop short, however, of explicitly opposing nuclear power generation.
The speech also touches on calls from other citizens'groups urging authorities to enhance controls on nuclear power and promote the use of renewable energy.
"I thought it best to show the citizens of Hiroshima that there are differences in stance over the issue among groups of people," Matsui told a press conference. "After all, the central government should take responsibility to deal with the nuclear power generation issue."