Father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” What appeared an insurmountable task till Saturday, transformed into a pleasant reality largely due to the efforts of Team Anna Hazare and crores of Indians. It was historic and unique that a proposal prepared on the strong public insistence was passed in the Parliament after a few hours of debate. Undoubtedly, the Parliament was under immense public pressure and faced a stipulated deadline. Albeit, the positive step has not only increased the significance of the Parliament, but also proved that it is the supreme representative body of public aspirations. After the praiseworthy move which also includes the three important demands of Team Anna, it is the time for the parliamentarians to give a serious thought on the reasons which prompted the masses to hit the streets and hold protests outside the residences of politicians on the call of Gandhian Anna Hazare. Why the common man of the world’s largest democracy in quest of justice had to resort to this path? These are some questions on which people would seek answers from the ruling alliance as well as the Opposition. It was not the responsibility of Anna Hazare to hit the street on the issue of corruption, but under the alarming situation he was compelled to do so. Does this not reflect the failure of political leadership? The ruling alliance and the Opposition are unable to realize that deserting the people after elections is an act of breach of trust. It was only after the masses came face to face with the act of deceit by the Men-in-Khadi, they reflected faith in Anna Hazare who till few months back was barely known to few people outside Maharashtra. Politicians should come to terms with the bitter truth that generating a hired gathering or money power cannot provide them the tag of ‘leaders of masses.’ In real sense, Anna Hazare is the true leader of this country. 

The manner in which the Parliament was compelled to succumb before the public request is a rare example of its kind. During the debate on the three demands of Anna Hazare in both Houses of the Parliament, the politicians were quick to deliver speech, but none of them was willing to accept the unabated surge of corruption in the Indian political scenario. None of the politicians could muster the courage to admit that all political parties are being operated through corrupt methods, owing to which corruption has spread its roots in all sectors of public life. Apart from being a prominent source of corruption, politics also serves as it conservator. If the political parties do not opt for introspection on the root causes of corruption, then they should be prepared to come face to face with another massive mass movement on the lines of recent protest at Ramlila Maidan. If the mass movement is repeated, it will spell catastrophe for the Indian politics and politicians. After the eye-opening fortnight, the politicians should turn alert on this issue, because evolving the Ombudsman mechanism alone would not suffice to checkmate corruption in the country. A crystal clear image of politics is essential for an effective control of corruption. Politics being governed by corrupt measures will fail to do any good to itself or the country.