Melbourne: In an unusual incident, a young cricketer here suffered a heart attack after being hit in the chest by the ball while practising.

The 25-year-old was batting when he was struck by the fast-moving ball during a training session last night, media reports said, adding that the youth subsequently collapsed on the ground.

The paramedics, however, rushed to the scene and revived the 25-year-old, reports said.

"The man was facing a fast delivery from the bowler and the ball hit him in the chest over the heart area," intensive care paramedic Phil Morey said.

"He collapsed on the ground and suffered a cardiac arrest, which means he didn't have a pulse. It is a very unusual circumstance – it's not something that I have seen before," Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said, pointing out that the incident was fairly unusual.

"There have been documented cases overseas with baseballs," he added.