The eyewitnesses in the case are expected to depose before the court in order to testify and identify the man who rammed through the shop and run over the people sleeping on the pavement of the road.

Samba Gowda, who was the first witness to depose in the court last week, had said he had drawn panchnama of the articles seized by police on the day of the incident on September 28, 2002.
The witness told prosecutor Jagannath Kenjalkar that it was a big car involved in the accident and said police had reached the spot along with him. He further said the car had rammed into a laundry and its bumper had hit the shutter of the shop.
The witness said he saw glass pieces, number plate of the car and bumper parts lying on the spot. These articles were seized by police and a panchnama was drawn by him.
"I can identify the articles collected by police from the place of accident," said Gowda, who hails from Karnataka.
Two more witnesses were discharged as they had admitted the panchnamas drawn by them.
Although the prosecution has submitted a list of 64 witnesses, it would not examine all of them, according to the public prosecutor.
Salman is facing the charge of running over his Toyota Land Cruiser on a group of persons sleeping on a footpath outside a bakery in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002, killing one and injuring four others.

The court had ordered a fresh trial on December 5 last year, after the charges against the actor were enhanced to culpable homicide not amounting to murder. If Salman is found guilty, he could face a prison term of up to 10 years.

Salman was earlier being tried for the lesser offence of causing death by negligence, which carries a punishment of up to two years in jail.


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