Taran Taaran: Destiny defeats love for life as an innocent angel lives through hell for the mistakes committed by her father. The 10-year-old Preeto (name changed) was welcomed to the world along with an uninvited agony of AIDS which laid the destiny of this orphan.

Her AIDS inflicted parents succumbed to the disease, leaving the innocent creature to the tortures of the world.

However, what is more torturing for the innocent girl is the ‘social boycott’ meted out to her by the people in her village. The extensive AIDS awareness campaign has failed to bring a change in the rigid mentality of the society.

Even before the girl, brought up by her relatives, could start dreaming of a secure future she was disowned by her own kin after they discovered her incurable illness.

The innocent soul, who could not even come face to face with the tragedy of losing her parents, was punished by the world which ousted her socially for no fault of hers.

The outcaste girl is living in isolation as parents do not allow their children to play with her and kids do not share seat in class due to the fear of acquiring the deadly disease.

The unlucky daughter of a truck driver, Amreek Singh (name changed) who instead of bringing money for the brighter future of his family brought the disease, which eventually passed on to his wife and the unborn child Preeto.

The frail girl battling a double war with AIDS and the ‘social ostracisation’ is pleading for mercy in the cruel world which has only hatred to offer to the helpless child.

However, Kaushalya Devi, a housemaid and wife of a truck driver has come as a saviour for the lonely child and has stretched her motherly affection to the child.

Preeto, studying in class fifth, says innocently: “I also feel like playing with the neighbourhood kids but I do not know why they run away from me.”

Psychiatrist Rana Ranbir Singh says, “It’s wrong to hate such kids and maintaining distance from them.”

Meanwhile, Kuldeep Singh Chandi, SDM, Khadur Sahib, has assured that he will get to the root of the matter by visiting Jalalabad village and free medical treatment will be provided to the girl.

(JPN/ Bureau)