Mumbai (JPN/Bureau): Vengeance to spread the AIDS virus she contracted through her husband with an abnormally high desire for sex, has led a 28-year-old HIV-positive woman to infect more than 300 men with the deadly virus.

The woman who indulged in sexual relations with more than 300 partners "to take revenge" for her condition has put them all at risk of contracting the virus by having unprotected sex with them in last two years.

Shraddha (name changed) got infected by her "promiscuous husband in 2005 through no fault of her own" and has told her doctor that infecting other people is her way of taking revenge from society. The list of her partners includes her employers, relatives, friends, liftmen, taxi drivers and even students.

Dr Ishwar Gilada, MD, UNISON Medicare & Research Centre at Grant Road, who has been treating HIV-positive and AIDS-affected patients, says he has found himself caught between the devil and the deep sea.

While patient’s confidentiality is holding the doctor back from revealing the woman's identity, he is also concerned about the men she had sex with, who would further infect others through sexual intercourse.

Talking about his dilemma, he said, "The law of the land states that an HIV-positive person should not be identified and also, as a doctor, I am duty-bound to keep her identity confidential. I have never faced a more difficult situation.

The doctor counselling the lady for the past two months has said that the possibility of her having nymphomania (a manic psychological disorder characterized by a hyperactive sex desire and an obsession with sex) cannot be ruled out.

The woman has recounted incidents of her unprotected sexual encounters with her employers, their sons and relatives, students and even the son of a lady doctor and, yet, I am helpless."

She got infected from her husband, who she married in 2001 and separated from in 2005, after she found that he was promiscuous and had given her the infection.

"She has a ten-year-old deaf and mute son who is in an ashram. Her sister is also in touch with us and is trying to convince her to give up her ways but she has refused to do so," said Dr Gilada.