It seems like kidney is merely a useless organ for these poverty driven  villagers who at the cost of their health sell their kidneys to organ brokers.  The oversmart organ brokers actively visit this village and convince these poor and innocent villagers to donate their kidneys.  

The villagers are misguided with self proclaimed stories like humans need one kidney to survive and the other is just a waste. They are even told that it is possible for the removed kidney to grow back.

Along with high money these villagers are even  lured with job offers.

In some worst cases, the organ traffickers kidnap the villagers and forcefully remove their kidneys.

These poverty driven villagers have sold their kidneys for unfortunate reasons like to buy a house, to get a job, to eat meal two times a day etc.

Well, these poor souls are unaware of the serious consequences of selling  their organ which they might face in the coming future.

The most disappointing fact is that this is just one story that highlights the ugly growing  practice of organ trafficking, there are many more similar stories of organ trafficking prevailing around the world that are a serious threat to human life and humanity.

It's high time one needs to understand and realise selling one's organ is not at all the suitable option to fight with the existing problem of poverty.


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