Ben Ten, Doraemon, Chhota Bheem and his apprentices motu and patlu, and the magic pencil from the yesteryear's popular TV show 'Shaka laka Boom Boom' are this year’s most sought after water guns.
Tenny Toys' Zulfi gives a demonstration how the magic pencil glitters as it forces out water, with prospective buyers keenly watching on.
Another contender in the race which is giving the cartoon water guns a close fight is the one shaped like a Nataraj pencil. The idea of possessing an enlarged version of the pencil that they use every day is fascinating for the children. And that it will spurt out water only plays up their imagination.
As an extension of the aura of education that the pencil already bears, it is wrapped around with a chart of English alphabets with illustrations.
"While playing Holi, the kids might as well have a quick revision of their letters," Zulfi quips.
From a palm long camera water gun to the huge ones with water tanks that could be carried on the back, the range that is available at various prices and is different sizes, is enormous.
"We have a huge collection with water guns priced at  Rs. 5 to Rs 350," says Shamem of SR Firms, as he proudly puts forth their bright coloured guns.
In one such interestingly designed water gun featuring motu patlu, the water pipe from the body of the gun extends into the devil head gear with red horns.
"It also glows as the water gushes out," says Anas of Neelam Toys.
As for the Indian super hero Choota Bheem, he features mostly on the tanks of the largest water guns, with his head popping up occasionally on the smaller ones here and there.
With the vast variety of water guns on display, the sight of bawling toddlers and little elder ones scratching their heads to make a pick is not surprising.
"He wants four of them (water-guns)," says Meena(34), pointing towards her 7 year old son.

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