Here is a list of things you should keep in mind while playing and partying in Holi.

  • Wear white or light clothes if possible as the colours of Holi are best showcased in white. This is because all the colours reflect nicely on white. Wear a well-fitting white t-shirt with capris, jeans or salwar. Also it is advisable  to wear something old and worn out so that you do not regret it getting spoilt.


  • Always try wearing comfortable cotton dresses for Holi. As it is very hot around this time so cotton keep you cool. Moreover, if the dress is not tight at your waist after getting wet.


  • Wear rubber chappals or footwear as they don't get bad soaked in water. If you have a sensitive skin it is best to cover yourself as much as you can.


  • Wear full-sleeved t-shirt or shirts that cover your arms fully. Women should avoid transparent, clingy clothes. Don’t spoil your mood by attracting unwanted attention at a holi party. Dress sensibly so that you can enjoy and have a good time!


  • Our hair tends to take the maximum brunt of holi. The strong chemicals present in the colours tend to spoil your hair. It is best to oil them before you go out to celebrate or else wearing a hat, cap or a bandana would give you a trendy look as well as protect your hair  from harsh Holi colours.


  • Harem Pants look fashionable and are also very stylish. These harem pants can be worn with a kurti or a top easily.


  • Hot pants are cool because you are going to get wet. Hot pants give a very beach like feel to Holi celebrations. You can team it up with a slightly loose t-shirt.


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