Jamshedpur: Beware playing Holi with the Santhali tribal community in Jharkhand as it might end you up tying the nuptial knot.

When the entire India plays Holi with colours, the Santhali tribals celebrates the festival with water only.

According to the tradition of the community, if a boy playfully or incidentally applies colour on a girl or vice-versa, they are considered to be married.

It is termed as a serious crime and Panchayat huddles to take action against them. If the boy and girl agree to marry, Panchayat chalks out course of action to solemnise their marriage. But, most of the times Panchayat imposes fine on the defaulters.

Researching on the traditions of the Santhali community, Bhuglu Soren, student of Ranchi University, said that putting colours during Holi is forbidden in this community but according to old traditions, couples, whose parents don’t agree for marriage, use this as an opportunity and throw colours at each other.

Lakhai Baske, teacher at Shayama Prasad Memorial College, chipped in with his words, if a boy incidentally apply colour on any girl, they are bound to resort to divorce following the adivasi rituals.

Panchayat listens to the grievance of the girl and then slaps a fine of Rs 2,000 to Rs 20, 000. After this, they have to divorce each other and the girl is considered to be a divorcee.