"'Holiday' is an amazing film on what terrorism is all about and how the army tries to capture the sleeper cells," says Akshay, who has teamed up with Sonakshi Sinha for the fifth time in the movie.

Interestingly, director AR Murugadoss is helming it, and it is a known fact that nobody makes action movies like him.

"It is not a typical Akshay Kumar film where I am doing fun and comedy all the time. Yes, there is a little bit of comic element in 'Holiday' but otherwise it's a serious thriller," he said

“Not many people are aware of sleeper cells - special terrorists who blend into society so well that no one realises they are terrorists. Sleeper cells were behind 9/11 and 26/11 attacks. In "Holiday", some army officers are home for a holiday and realise that the enemy is not only present at the border but there are a lot of enemies inside the city and village. ‘Holiday’ is an amazing film on terrorism and how the army tries to capture the sleeper cells,” he added.

Akshay further said, “The film has very real action. You won't see the kind of action I did in "Boss" or "Khiladi 786" where I would just punch and 20 people would fly in every corner. Greg Powell, who was the stunt coordinator on "Skyfall", has choreographed the action sequences in "Holiday". We haven't taken the help of cables. If I kick someone and take a somersault, it is all real.”


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