Mumbai: Are you looking to buy or rent a house? If yes, then read on these basic Feng Shui guidelines that will insure that your dream house is full of prosperity and riches.

 Check the History of the Property as it's very important. e Ch'i energy that emanates from us and our predecessors has the capacity to 'saturate' in the walls of a property. Always look for a house where the previous occupants have moved to a bigger and more expensive property because of success at work.

 Ideally, your apartment building should be regular in shape - square, round, oblong. Irregularly shaped buildings give the impression that part of the structure is missing - an L shaped building looks as if a piece of the building has been removed. The feng shui of the whole building needs to be considered before you start looking at your own apartment inside it.

 An apartment on the first floor or above - a higher level will give you greater exposure to natural light and energizing effect of prana.  An apartment block that is square or rectangular will ensure that your home maintains a strong connection with the earth despite its elevated position.

A square or rectangular shaped living room is the most auspicious. If the main door opens in the living room, try not to have it face a window directly opposite.  The living room should not be on a higher level than the dining room or kitchen. If the living room is higher, the Chi from the house will flow to the visitors rather than the people who live in the house. Single level floor create and contain much more chi than split level floor.

Bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house. You may, well spend more time in this part of the house than in any other, and the more time you spend in an area the more influence that area can have on you. Also, the bedroom is where you sleep, and proper sleep is vital to health. Finally, it is often a key area for relationship.

Courtesy: City Plus