New Delhi: After much hue and cry over the issue, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram approved the trifurcation of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Sunday. Though the trifurcation process has been approved in wake of the efforts of New Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit, the Home Ministry has ensured that it would directly control all the new corporations.

According to top official sources in the amicable agreement on the trifurcation of the MCD, it has been decided that a Local Directorate body would be formulated which will be under the supervision of all three corporations.

A Chief Commissioner would lead it who will at par the level of the Chief Secretary of the Delhi government.

The official would be appointed by the Home Ministry and would report directly to the Ministry. The appointments of Commissioner of the three corporations will also be done by the Home Ministry.

With obvious reasons, these commissioners will also be accountable to the Home Ministry. However, the Ministry before making the appointments would consult the Delhi government.

Notably, if the Directorate of the local body is formed, the office of Delhi’s Lt Governor who at present is also the administrator of the Delhi government will suffer the maximum. After the establishment of the body, his rights would be affected as his powers would be restricted to just dissolve the three corporations during any emergency situations. His interventions on a daily basis would be stopped.

Also, Sheila Dikshit has succeeded as far as matter related to rights of the MCD was concerned. A proposal has been proposed that a committee would be formed under her, which will keep coordination in the appointment of different Mayors, deputy Mayors and Commissioners.

According to highly placed sources, after the establishment of the three corporations, there will be an increase in the financial powers of the Commissioners of all the three corporations. Till date, the maximum financial limit given to Commissioners was Rs 25 lakh which has now been raised to Rs 1 crore.

(JPN/ Bureau)