New Delhi: The Home Ministry has maintained silence in spite of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report about the involvement of Binayak Sen in the Naxal related activities after the Supreme Court granted him bail in May.

According to the report, Sen has been active in front organizations of Naxals after being released on bail and has been playing a major role in chalking out strategy against the government.

According to a senior IB official, the Home Ministry has been informed about all activities of Binayak Sen in last five months, but why the Ministry has not initiated any response is still in the dark. According to the IB, Sen had participated in the Democratic Rights meeting, a group of 20 Naxalite organizations.

At the meeting held in Kolkata, the union decided to begin a country-wide movement for repealing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Surprisingly, in spite of the IB report, no initiative has been taken to cancel his membership in the health advisory committee of the Planning Commission.

Meanwhile, a senior official with the Home Ministry confirmed Sen’s involvement in Naxal activities on the basis of the report but the Ministry has not cautioned the Planning Commission in this regard. 

It is to be noted, the Chhattisgarh police had arrested Sen under sections of sedition on charges of participating in Naxalite activities but was granted bail by the Supreme Court.