New Delhi: The City Centre II building of the NDMC, which was the office of the Organizing Committee (OC) of CWG games, will now soon shelter offices of Home Ministry, Ministry of Tourism and Prime Minister’s advisor's office. After having its office in the nine–storey building near the Jantar-Mantar for one and half years, the OC will formally be dissolved after an annual meeting on June 22, 2011. Following which the office Tourism Ministry and Prime Minister’s advisor will be shifted to this grand building.

According to NDMC spokesperson Anand Tiwari, the Home Ministry was the first to send a proposal to set up their office in the building. Thereafter it was decided that from the first to fifth floor would be leased out. Soon after the floors were vacated in April, the handing over the floors to the ministry was started.

In the first week of June, the office of the Home ministry will start operating from City Centre II building.

Meanwhile, the Tourism ministry of the government of India and the Prime Minister’s Advisor’s Office has also expressed their willingness to take the remaining part of the building on lease. A senior official of the NDMC's property department said the Home Ministry will have the possession from first to the fifth floor, whereas sixth to eight floors will be given to the Tourism Ministry. And the ninth floor of the building will be leased out to PM’s adviser office.

The seventh and eighth floors of the building are still under the possession of OC, but after the completing all the formalities, the floors would be given to the concerned ministries after June.

The City Centre II building was popularly known for sheltering the OC office for CWG 2010. The NDMC took 14 years to prepare this building and invested Rs 115 crore. On September 7, 2009 Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee headquarters was formally started in this building. The committee by paying Rs 99 million took the building on rent from NDMC till March 31, 2011.

However, after the conclusion of CWG, investigating agencies speeded up their investigation in the alleged frauds and mismanagement related to the game. The City Centre II building remained in the possession of OC.

(JPN/ Bureau)