For that, the officials are referring to the saffron party’s manifesto, wherein, it has been mentioned that the National Security Advisor (NSA)’s structure would be strengthened.

Till now, some of the major and most crucial decisions, from maintaining internal security to taking action against terrorism, the Home Ministry have a major say. However, the National Security Advisor (NSA) is apprised of it.

The Multi Agency Center, which gathers secret information and details related to movement of terrorists, also reports to the IB, which comes under the Home Ministry.

However, IB as well as MAC’s role would remain limited after the responsibility of ensuring internal security would be given to the NSA.

The Home Ministry officials have this apprehension that the new government may put the IB under the NSA. Besides, the Gujarat model of administration is also giving an indication that the role of Home Ministry may get downsized to a certain extent.

It needs to be mentioned here that Modi has always kept the Home Ministry with him by under its control. This can be gauged with fact that Modi appointed his aide Amit Shah as Minister of State in Home Department.

It’s clear that it may not be possible for Modi to keep the Home Ministry under his control if he makes it to the Centre but it’s indeed possible that the department’s power may get a bit curtailed.


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