Officials of the Home Ministry have also started to compare Rajnath Singh’s strong work ethics with that of P Chidambaram.

A senior official in the Home Ministry said that Chidambaram had ensured during his tenure as the Home Minister that the National Security Advisor along with all the senior officials of different agencies were present during the daily morning brief.

Due to his (Chidambaram) stature in Congress, no one dared to defy his orders and everyone would turn up during the daily meetings, the senior official added.

Chidambaram himself used to come to office on a regular basis. However, this positive trend went all haywire during Shinde’s stint as the Home Minister.

During Shinde’s tenure, there was barely any day when the NSA was spotted in ministry’s morning briefing. Even Shinde would rarely attend office after lunch.

An official in the Home Ministry reveals that within three months of taking charge and walking on the lines of Chidambaram, Rajnath has also made certain that the NSA along with all the senior officials attend the daily morning briefs on a regular basis.

Rajnath’s diktat has worked well so far as all the officials nowadays attend the briefings after doing proper and detailed home work.

Not only this, during Shinde’s tenure, meetings used to take place daily but several agencies had gradually started sending its junior officers to attend them. However, Rajnath Singh has ensured that all the top bureaucrats attend these meetings.

A Home Ministry official has also given the credit for not occurring any major untoward incident in the past three months in country to Rajnath Singh’s seriousness towards the internal security of the country.

Many important decisions to boost the morale and confidence of para military forces have been taken by Rajnath Singh.

These decisions include providing central reserve forces deployed in the Naxal-hit areas with the same remuneration as given to the military men posted in Jammu and Kashmir and the north-eastern areas as well as giving the status of ‘martyr’ to those army men, who are killed in Naxal attack.

As per the new decisions, remuneration of the central forces deployed in the Naxal-hit areas will be made at par with armymen stationed in Jammu and Kashmir and north-eastern states. The Home Ministry will accord ‘martyr’ status to the slain policemen.

Apart from this, the MHA has also given its nod to install 21, 00 towers in the Naxal-hit areas in the country.

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