Rosemary oil
Massaging your hair with rosemary oil once a week reduces hair fall and promotes growth.

Hibiscus leaves
Hibiscus leaves can be made into a paste with little water and applied to the scalp and hair. It is said to promote growth and thickness of hair.

Amla, shikakai and brahmi
A mixture of amla (100 grams), shikakai (100 grams), brahmi (10 grams) can be soaked overnight in an iron utensil and next day made into a paste. Apply it to the scalp and leave for an hour promotes growth and healthy hair, also prevents hair from greying.

Coconut oil
Boil pieces of amla in coconut oil till the pieces become soft and get mixed. It is a very good hair tonic.

Fenugreek seeds

Two tablespoons of fenugreek (methi) seeds soaked overnight in water and made into a paste the next day. If applied over the scalp and left for half an hour then washed thoroughly controls hair loss and dandruff.

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