The discounts range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh, with free insurance at Re. 1, besides exchange benefits. The Honda witnessed a downtrend of 38 percent lower sales in June 2016, which is expected to get a boost with these discounts.
Amaze, the sub-four meter sedan, has been the best seller of Honda for a while, so the Japanese carmaker hopes that the exchange benefits and discounts will further boost the sales of the Amaze. The Honda Amaze pre-facelift limited 2015 models get the maximum of Rs. 1 lakh discount, in all its petrol variants, while the limited 2016 models get up to Rs. 60000. The facelift Honda already avails exchange benefits of up to Rs. 10000, along with free insurance, made available except for the E grade.
The diesel downtrend has proved to be a lot of trouble for carmakers, who flooded the market with diesel engines to sell them on discount. So, the diesel variants, affected by the campaigns against diesel, will get Rs. 40000-60000 discount for the limited 2016 models.
The VX trim of the Honda Jazz with manual transmission will get between Rs. 25000 and Rs. 40000, for pre-facelift 2015 limited edition models. The petrol variants of the Jazz will get Rs. 15000 discount.
Compact hatchback, the Honda Brio will get Rs. 25,000 discount for its 2015 limited models and Re. 1 insurance for 2016 limited models. Only the Brio has been witnessing low sales and so this could probably help boost the sale of the compact hatchback.
The 7-seater Mobilio MPV has also been hit by low sales, and so for its limited 2015 models, it will get a discount of Rs. 50,000 for all its petrol and diesel trims. The limited 2015 models of the premium SUV, CR-V, will get a considerable discount of Rs. 70,000.
The Honda’s almost decade long flagship model, the Honda City, will get Rs. 15,000 discount for all petrol variants, for 2015 limited models only. The diesel versions of the limited 2016 models of the City get the exchange benefit of Rs. 15000 along with free insurance. All diesel variants of the Honda city get Rs. 60000 discount for their limited 2015 models.


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